About Me

I am a simple intenet wanderer, I like finding cool places and looking around.

In real life I am a PHD student studying evolutionary biology and zoology.
I am doing my current project on differences in bill morphology in birds, and I did my honours thesis on moth pheromone evolution.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, tinkering with computers and FOSS software, and watching comfy shows.

Things I use


For my main PC I run Arch Linux, and use the StumpWM window manager to manage my grapical environment. It currently houses an RTX 3080, R9 5900x and 125GB of DDR4 RAM. It is my main base of operations.

The main peripherals I use are a Happy Hacking Keyboard, Logitech Pro X Superlight mouse and DT 770 Pro headphones

Outside of my main computer I have a modern thinkpad that is nearly identical; with the exception that StumpWM is swapped out with Gnome as it works very nicely with touchpad gestures. This one is mainly a research and study machine that I take to libraries and university campus.

On the phone side of things I run a Pixel 6 with GraphineOS. I keep things extremely minimal: it is only really used for calls, texting and some light navigation tasks.

For music and podcasts I use a hardware-modded iPod Video with a 2000mah battery and a 250GB NVME drive. Little thing works like a charm, does everything it needs too and more.

For note-taking and time management I go old-school: I have a set of notebooks for journaling, sheduling and general notes. I always have these on me when I am out and about.

I also own a Steam Deck for handheld games.


Most of my computing activities are done inside Emacs, which kinda acts as its own OS within an OS. I do everything including writing, catching up on RSS feeds and file-management inside of it (this entire website was made from the ground-up inside Emacs).

For web browsing I use FireFox with a custom userchrome to remove the tab-bar, alongside Sidebery and Vimium C.

To manage all the information I gather from both my personal and academic work I use an Emacs package called Org-Roam in conjunction with the Zotero reference manager. Everything I find interesting ends up getting filtered and processed into these two databases for future reference.